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    I'm running a NodeBB community, and I need to change the Terms of Use. I know how to do this.

    However, I need all of my existing community members to acknowledge the new terms. Ideally using the ToS dialog they see when registering. How would I do this?

    It'd be great if there was an Update button next to the Forum Terms of Use setting under ACP > Settings > User.
    Alternatively, it'd be great if there was a "Force ToS Acknowledgement" option in the Edit dropdown under ACP > Manage > Users, since there are already options like "Validate Email," "Force Password Reset & Log User Out," etc.

    Barring something like that, is there a plugin for this?

    If there isn't one, would I have to execute a MongoDB command? I don't know MongoDB very well, but I know I can grab all of the users who acknowledged the old ToS using db.objects.find({acceptTos:1}), so I feel like there should be a similar command that sets the acceptTos field to 0 for all my users.


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    Good question. I had similar bridge to cross a while back w.r.t. some minor changes. I ended up posting locked sticky under "Announcements" with the updated terms. One of the terms might be "Use of this site constitutes implicit acceptance of the terms above"?

    Not getting you all the way there but maybe a little cya in the meantime?

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