Using a voice channel on a nodeBB forum.

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    Hi !
    Sorry if the question has been already been asked. I am not versed in technical things, just a moderator in a French forum.
    Is it possible to install a voice channel on a nodeBB forum ?
    A little like Discord.
    In our forum the answer has been that it is very complicated, if not impossible.
    Thank you for an answer.

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    There actually were some WebRTC based plugins before NodeBB 1.0, but I don't think there are any working ones now.
    Adding it would require creating a new plugin, so it would certainly be complicated. However, it's definitely not impossible and it's probably not that hard nowadays, because you don't actually need to handle anything with voice or video - as others had done that before probably better that you would. If you or someone from your forum would actually want to try creating such plugin, integrating Jitsi Meet might be one of the best ways to do it.
    Jitsi is open source, has an API for integrating it into other webapps and also allows for self-hosting (which not only means better control over the installation and data, but also the number of users will be limited only by how powerful your server is instead of being capped at 75 like on And since it's a videoconferencing platform it will also have features connected with that like screen sharing or recording the meeting.

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    @oplik0 +1 on the Jitsi stuff. Don't know jack about the code. I have been following that project since its very early days. Impressive and sustained progress, it makes. No flash in the pan, one or two shot wonder preceding an exit strategy, were they. Impressive. 👍

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