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  • ChatGpt plugin widgets

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    Today Openai public the api for chatGpt to use, can nodebb support such widgets that let user put the conversation bar anywhere?(just put the token from opena at backend.I think this will be more useful ! fantastic

  • sticky sidebar widgets

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    @baris said in sticky sidebar widgets:

    $(window).on('action:ajaxify.end', function () {
    offset: {
    top: 400,
    bottom: function () {
    return (this.bottom = $('.footer').outerHeight(true))

    Thank you very much @baris. it worked


  • poll tool

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    @ogerly said:

    So the tool is running.
    following error, I've found.
    the poll will be created.
    when you save the text is not new reloaded.
    Here are the screenshots

    Bildschirmfoto vom 2015-08-06 10:08:53.png

    Bildschirmfoto vom 2015-08-06 10:08:53.png

    Yes.. This is an error with nodeBB 0.7.2.
    On @exodo, we have fixed it, just change the file public/js/poll/main.js with this code:

    (function() { window.Poll = { load: function(data) { $(window).one('action:ajaxify.contentLoaded', function () { Poll.sockets.emit.load(data, function(err, poll) { if (!err) { Poll.view.init(poll, function(pollView) { if (parseInt(poll.info.deleted, 10) === 1 || parseInt(poll.info.ended, 10) === 1) { Poll.view.showMessage({ title: 'Voting unavailable', content: 'This poll has ended or has been marked as deleted. You can still view the results.' }, pollView); } }); } else if (err.message != 'Not logged in') { app.alertError('Something went wrong while getting the poll!'); } }); }); } }; })();

    Really, the change is only in the line:

    Poll.sockets.emit.load(data, function(err, poll) {

    And then, change the file templates/poll/notify.tpl with:


    After that, It should work well 🙂

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    Would allow for adding a larger search bar in the global widget header, which would suit those wanting to display their forum in a stack overflow style manner. After 0.5.0 though, naturally. 😉

    Sidenote, the ability to not index certain forums in the search would be tip top, do a search for mobile, the top 3 posts are from Testing Forum, does apache solr have any weighting behind it to guage the useful topics from the not so useful?

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    @Schamper How would one customize say, the custom-homepage widget to show only to users who are not logged in then?

    Edit: Figured it out 🙂