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  • On the 7th of February, the NodeBB founders came together and thought critically about NodeBB's next steps. On this not-so-historic day (because regular conversations about our future should definitely happen!), we reflected on our work so far, and talked at a high level about what would/could come next.

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  • We're always looking for design inspiration... we've seen lots of fun and impressive ideas from sites like Dribbble... see something you like? Post it here for discussion!

  • Do you have a plan to make changes in database?
    I think the structure currently can't make the full use of the performance the database can be(mongo, etc).
    we should better make a plan to design a more powerful structure.
    Our guests(users of NodeBB in China) give suggestions:

    • design to be compatible to SQL-base database.
    • a better manager, which can limit plugins's data strictly.(when user remove the plugin, the plugin's data can be cleared)
    • sharp can be a serious problem in some systems
      • in my case, the sharp can't work, but nodebb print no error, no trace, just a exit. Exited below 'filter:parse.raw' or filter.image.size'.
    • benchpressjs-rs can not be compiled in some case, i should cd to the benchpress-rs dir to run neon release(cannot be built by npm)
    • can select yarn as default pm while first nodebb installing?

    what's about importing the mvvm framework?
    i think importing mvvm framework(like Vue) is a good design to develop a powerful community platorm.

    • it can reduce developers' mental burden and accelerate their developing
    • a esay approach to support pwa
      • we can bundle a sw.js(workder can be added by plugins)
      • etc...
    • a progressive frame(means it can beimported easily and harmlessly)

    A strong business store for NodeBB?

    • Most plugins are maintained by open-source developers, it might have a risk to use in business production
      • so, using nodebb as a business use is a high-expense choice(they should dive much resources to extend nodebb)
    • Plugin developers and customers don't have a platform, where they are satisfied and accpted.
  • ps enhancements:

    • types support(via @types),which can improve developers' exp
      • just by npm i @types/nodebb etc

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