After npm install: theme folder was deleted

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  • Hey everyone!

    I worked for hours on my own theme today I was very happy that is very simple - even for me as a noob.

    After some changes .... I became aware of a plugin. I installed it and suddenly my nodebb-theme-x folder was deleted. -_-

    For my theme I just followed the tutorial on github / the documents.

    Have any of you ever had the same problem? Or can you tell me what I was doing wrong? That was the second time that this happened to me. But today I became aware of the reason. 😄

    What do I have to do to ensure that my nodebb-theme-x folder is not deleted after running npm install >module<


  • @pasib -- sorry to hear about that! Yes, npm or yarn will sometimes clobber anything inside node_modules/. Never do anything in that directory as it is considered transient!

    Look into npm link or yarn link, and develop your theme elsewhere. Then you can use those tools to "link" the theme into the node_modules/ folder, and it will be safe from deletion. Sometimes the link itself will be deleted, but that is trivial to put back in.

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