Embedding my NodeBB forum link on Facebook messenger shows error message.

Technical Support
  • My site is built with NodeBB v1.11. And I customized the home page using nodebb-plugin-custom-pages.
    I was going to send the link of my site to friends via Facebook messenger app on Android.

    But the FB messenger app shows error message in message box:

    Your browser does not seem to suppoert JavaScript. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions.

    It worked well on the other messenger apps like LinkedIn or Skype.
    Why this happened? Who's fault is that, NodeBB or FB messenger?

  • I'd guess it's a mix -- we display that message via a <noscript> tag, and Facebook seems to be picking up on it, probably because their scraper does not support javascript. It might be something you have to live with, unfortunately.

    What happens if you try to share the categories page of your site, instead of the custom home page?

  • Sharing a topic using FB messenger works fine. I think only custom home page causes such problem. I've not tried categories page yet.

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