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  • Hello !

    I installed katex on my nodebb forum and it parses well my shoutbox messages (using filter:parse.raw hook) and posts contents (using action:markdown.updateParserRules and filter:composer.formatting hooks) to get mathematical formulas with a good display.

    But, topics titles are not parsed (and also breadcrumbs). What could be the simplest way to parse these ? Which hook(s) do you recommend ?

    Thanks in advance !

  • You can use filter:topic.build on the topic page. For the category page it would be filter:category.build for the recent page it would be filter:recent.build etc.

  • @baris Ok. I will try as you say (I was thinking about filter:controllers.topic.get to unify things but there may be bad things with this idea).

    Thanks !

  • @baris Finally, I used filter:topics.get because, with template.build hooks, it doesn't work on an "ajax" load (example : load of new topics in infinite scroll). (?)

    I hope my filter:topics.get hook to parse topic titles doesn't lead to unforeseen things by me...

  • That should be fine, but keep in mind filter:topics.get isn't called when you load a topic page. So you might need to use both filter:topic.build (for the topic page) and filter:topics.get (for pages which show a list of topics)

  • @baris Yes. I see also that there is a problem for some other pages like /search ... I will see if I can get it work for all (I thought there were just one place/hook to parse title for all uses but it's not the case).

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