Trying to pinpoint a problem potentially related to caching

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    I am having a problem with my NodeBB database which I believe is related to caching based on what I have managed to determine so far. I have it set up on Heroku with Redis and myself and my users are seeing that some aspects are shown incorrectly.

    To refer to a clear example is the unread list. When this is shown then the order of posts is correct, however the one being previewed is not the latest one and the time stamp for it also indicates that it is not the latest one either. What is odd is that this can vary from machine to machine too, I can be connected from the same location (i.e. I can have two machines side by side and get different results).

    There are other issues as well, such as the vote count not being correct and so on which lead me to believe that this is connected to the caching in some way but I am unable to figure out what could be the trigger in that regard or how to best go about fixing it. Has anyone come across this before at all? All ideas are welcome and if more information is needed then I am happy to provide it. I am fully updated as far as NodeBB is concerned, and to add this was not a problem until after I started doing the updates (it was on 1.6 for a long time and it was only after I started the process of upgrading to 1.12 that this became apparent).

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    Can you share more about your setup? Is it a single heroku instance running off a single database backend? All-in-one server?

    This could be an issue if you are using multiple NodeBB instances...

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