Really want help

  • Hello everybody, I really want to get help.

    I want to know if a blog section and/or a forum section would be suitable for a website destined as a professional portfolio.
    For example, a portfolio website maybe should never include a section about news or sports, as well as it should always include a section about the personal CV, but I don't know if a blog or a forum are ideal or convenient for the portfolio purpose.

    Thanks in advance!

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    A blog... maybe, do you have a good vision of what kind of content you would be putting into the blog? If not, probably not. A blog without regular content is pretty pointless and will look strange.

    A forum... no. Can't imagine how that would work for a portfolio. You don't want an open discussion of the portfolio going on. And you'd be forced to constantly maintain and police the forum for content that isn't appropriate.

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