Has anyone deployed to AWS Fargate?

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    I was thinking of trying this out and deploying to Fargate. This particular one appears to be officially maintained by the nodebb guys:

    Using this tool below I can deploy easily, and I can also manage SSL certs and load balancing (which I think will negate the need for nginx):

    I think I would just need a mongo instance either in EC2 or as another container in Fargate, and then deploy the nodebb container. Thoughts? Am I missing something?

    Has anyone tried using AWS DocumentDB in place of Mongo? It's supposed to be compatible.

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    @signal15 documentDB is not compatible with NodeBB. It is supposed to be a drop in replacement for MongoDB but the clients that we have that tried using it ran into some issues 😐

    Otherwise if you run into issues with FarGate, do post here and we'll work through them 😁

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