What to do with emails on Dev nodebb site ?

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  • Hello !

    I have a Prod nodebb site (which works ; cool 😉 ) and I make all my tests/changes on a Dev one on my local machine.

    I copy Prod to Dev site without problem (adjusting config.json etc...). But what adjustments do you recommend for emails ? How to do them from command line ? I don't want users to receive emails from my Dev system...

    On drupal, I have a module which catches emails on Dev to prevent their sending (it is activated in a settings file ; I can see what would have been sent). On nodebb, can we do the same thing ? Can we activate this from command line or from a file ? (It would be great to have a setting about email sending in config.json to simply change the behavior depending on the Prod or Dev system, like on drupal...). Or can we redirect all mails to one address for tests ?

    I suppose nodebb developpers have a solution for this (they don't send emails to every users from their development machine and can test their mail system 😉 ).

    (Precision, in case it would be necessary for the answer : I use mailgun stmp on my nodebb Prod).

  • Finally, I made my own plugin with hook filter:email.modify. I activate it when on Dev and it redirects all emails to a special email address (to control things).

    Sorry for the "noise"... 😊

  • Hi, do you know the plugin on a tick like on facebook?

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