Nodebb with alpine node that uses musl

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  • Is there any issues with nodebb on musl (no glibc). It there anyone that use alpine linux and node? Any bugs?

    I am going to change from Gentoo to Alpine!

  • @Jenkler

    Pondered this one briefly myself when I could not use SmartOS due to mongodb "linuxization". Decided not to risk playing guinea pig and went with CentOS (even though I loathe systemd). fwiw, CentOS is working well and community advocate @scottalanmiller has a good how-to for those of us who've been away from Linux for a while.

    Maybe give this a good read, do your own testing and be prepared to do some troubleshooting during updates and such.


    When in doubt, stick w/what the devs use. In these times of competing "proprietarization of linux" trends, goes a long ways towards mitigating potential "works on my machine" issues.

    Have fun-- o/

  • @gotwf said in Nodebb with alpine node that uses musl:


    But "SmartOS is a free and open-source SVR4 hypervisor based on the UNIX operating system". That has nothing todo with musl. I get that its better to run what everyone else is running but Alpine linux is big and have good compability with glibc.

    @julian Have you noticed any issue with Nodebb and musl? We can always patch the bugs if there are any 🙂

  • @Jenkler

    SmartOS hypervisor can also run SmartOS vm's, which I have put to excellent use. Tend to give me much better bang for the buck, provisioning wise, than Linux vms.

    Familiar with Alpine for a long while now. Used to use Void linux, wh/also has options for glibc and musl based fun and games. Hence, a fair bit of cross pollination 'twixt the Void and the Alpine devs when it comes to musl package tweaks and glitches. Mayhaps now infrequent, as I've not used either in years.

    Speaking of Void linux, you may want to check it out if your main aim is to be systemd free. Void uses runit, which I personally prefer to Gentoo's OpenRC. Already grok OpenRC... have fun with Alpine. Keep us posted, as, as mentioned, was under consideration here but I lacked requisite time to kick the tires.

    My $0.02 is this, that, and the other Linux flavor of the day pretty much boils down to package management, init systems and community. After those, cool "esoteric" stuff like musl come into play.

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