Thoughts on content ownership and long, meaningful discussions

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    Occasionally, a potential client will come to us and ask why they need a forum. Besides the usual reasons, one point that often comes up is the concept of "content ownership", or "steering the conversation". It goes hand in hand with the other benefits of localised discussions – mainly a significant SEO boost in the form of actual organic content from your users – and goes hand in hand with fears of a conversation rapidly spinning out of the control of a company, often to their detriment.

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  • @julian

    Excellent and very well composed, Julian. I have been out of managing community spaces for a while and took a pass on social engineering, errr.. I mean networking, sites in general. Hence a bit out of the modern loop, so to speak. Your blog post was timely - elaborates and illuminates a related discussion I was having on irc just last night (private chan, not nodebb).

    Good stuff, particularly w.r.t. the ephemeral. Another fall out I am noticing that I ascribe to sites like NitWit and Facebark is that folks no longer seem capable and/or willing to even post up actual sentences, much less string them together into coherent thoughts. Serial "post whoring" seems to be more the order of the day. I don't think these people realize such, but has actual coherent conversation and discussion become a lost "art", displaced by what essentially amount to click bait posts?

    This forum obviously attracts a more technical audience so, no, I am not dissing anybody here. 😉

    Deserves a Hooray! 👍

  • Interesting post @julian the topic is something my colleagues and I have been discussing for a while now. We feel that online communication is at a pivotal stage in its evolution. It's now obviously clear social media is not the one-size solution that everyone hoped it would be, email has its issues and instant messaging wasn't designed for deep long lasting conversations.

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