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    In the v3 write API, it seems that when granting privileges to groups, within each call we can only apply 1 privilege at a time.

    It used to be possible to apply multiple privileges in one API call.

    Please tell me I'm missing something! As it stands, to apply a standard set of privileges to 2 group members, I have to make 22 separate API calls where I used to make 2!

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    I found the CSS part here

    #content { padding-bottom: 20px; transition: opacity 0ms linear; }
  • Selecting badges

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    @PitaJ it seems I cant find the "edit profile" link anywhere on our forum (might be an issue with the theme/skin thats currently applied). I can access this manually however so that will do the trick. Thanks a lot. I'm not sure if I can mark it as solved myself but that has resolved my issue for the time being.

    Thank you

  • change the nodebb port

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    @pichalite Got it thank you.

  • Change email subject

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    I threw in an if(found) just in case - but I am always amazed by how little code is required.
    That seem to happen a lot with Node.js and a well written software entitled NodeBB 👍