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    I like report, I'll admit it. But running NodeBB for so long, with so many users, means we have a lot of potential data about how users are using the site (not navigating it, like Google Analytics tracks) that I think that it could be really useful to many NodeBB admins to have visibility into this.

    Some reports or report features that I would like to see...

    1. Reports need numbers AND the graph. If I put in a custom date, the graph updates and is awesome, but I don't get any numerical data from it so it can be very hard to really dig into the data. (Example, if I look up traffic numbers from January or a single day, I can see the graph, but don't get totals anywhere.)

    2. More built ins would be nice. Like not just "last week, last month, last year" but also "select a week, month, year".

    3. Selectable granularity would be nice. Show data by hour, day, week, month, year for quick comparisons.

    4. User data... like new accounts being created, and individual stats, like thread creation and post creation over time. Reports like "How many unique users posted per day" and "How many posts per user, per day" would be super handy. Helps us to understand content generation on a user by user basis, and over time. How categories are busy at different times. Seeing individual users' posting volume by day and over time, would be great. Charting individual users' activity over the years helps us understand posting patterns.

    5. Time of day data. Data over time, at different times of day. By site, category, user, etc. And time of month, or time of week. There is so much "content activity" data that would be informative.

    I think the biggest thing is understanding that we (at MangoLassi) are very focused on content creation, rather than site navigation. We care about total hits, but we get that stat from CloudFlare in a really industry-standard way. And we care about unique visitors for sure, but again, CF tracks that for us, too. We really want to know what only the database can tell us, what is being stored, and when, and by whom.

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    In communities where we participated heavily, but didn't run the community ourselves, we used to build tooling that would go post by post and pull out some of this data and record date-time and poster of different posts and threads to track how people would post over time.

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