Composer - Right Beside You

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  • Yes!

    As outlined in the second part to this post here - I have created this dedicated topic for the purposes of pitching this new feature and functionality for composer.

    A composer that can align in one click to the right of the screen - creating a split view.

    I guess if people want left they can have it but the concept is being able to easily reference posts on the right and compose on the left, keeping an unobstructed view of the entire flow of the topic posts without having to minimize the compose editor.


    Meet the new contextual button that would toggle between positions.

    Click to toggle horizontal position: composer-horz-btn.png
    Click to toggle right-aligned position (split view): Composer-right-btn.png

    As an evolution of composer core feature & function, I believe the case for, is incredibly self evident.

    • I'm waiting for someone to tell me this feature is already available... 🤣
    • I will edit an addition this OP with summary points and extra info if required.

    Please Upvote 👍 - If you want to see this as a core feature in standard nodeBB deployment.

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