Reducing AWS costs for NodeBB - Serverless?

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    Has anyone tried deploying Nodebb with the Serverless Framework in Lambda?

    Right now, I have a t2.small instance running NodeBB and the MongoDB. It was on a t2.micro, but that thing doesn't have swap and when it ran out of memory, it crashed. t2.small doesn't have swap either, but it has more memory and has been stable. I'm paying about $20/mo in AWS costs, and I'm looking to reduce those costs.

    So, I was thinking if I could deploy NodeBB in Lambda, it could reduce costs there. However, I still have the problem of having to run MongoDB. I think it would still need to run in t2.small instance, so it wouldn't save me any money by doing this. And AWS DocumentDB (which is mongo compatible) is tied to EC2 instances, and the smallest available is much more expensive than a t2.small.

    I could also deploy as a docker container, but again, those are tied to an EC2 instance. My first goal is to reduce costs, but my second goal is to do it with an architecture that can scale if I need it to.

    Any ideas?

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    I don't know much about lambda, but from what I do know, it would require an entire re-write of the app because of the way lambda works. You would also need to tweak your DB settings too because it can cause so many more connections to your database than the traditional server architecture.

    Try Digital Ocean, they're affordable and a lot of people here use it. I've been running a server (albeit with very low traffic) with 1GB of memory for a few years now.

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    Hetzner Cloud is fast and cheap and easy to use:

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    is the best and high performance for Nodejs

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