Profile tpl to be included in Widgets (Extend)

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  • The best thing I like about Nodebb is the widgets extension. As the title explains, similar to how we have topics.tpl or categories.tpl we should have profile.tpl too. So we can customize those views too based on individual forum needs.


    @baris @PitaJ Is there a way to do this already?

  • That would be great for a more easy way to config plugins that add new fields to the profile page, like 'nodebb-plugin-ns-custom-fields'.
    We would no longer need to modify the files on the server and we would be able to do this in real time and right on the ACP panel!

  • @Staff For some reason I keep coming back to this. I see so much potential of profile page but data seems to be quite hidden as a new user.

    After using nodebb for 2 years, i just found out that you can actually see user's best posts here I agree, mostly my fault but asking our users assures me that there are many out there that didn't know too.

    I believe if we have the ability to customize this page like we can categories, home and other tpl files in widget area, it will open doors to many new possibilities as a forum owner.

    e.g Profile page seems to give quite an engaging view of the profile. Of course there is room for improvement there as well, but just saying we have this info in nodebb too but we're not showing it to the user. The first thing we'd need to do is to get that info out from the blue ellipsis button. Not saying we should remove it from there. It has its own purpose, but some of the info from there needs to be on the main profile page. If user wants to see full info they can still access it from ellipsis button.

    Till then I guess we've to rely on overwriting the tpl but something to look into at it will really take things forward from UX and engagement point of view.

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