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  • Hi!
    I'm trying to add a custom header and footer to e-mails templates in the ACP, I have changed the partial, and tried to add to another template using:

    <!-- IMPORT emails/partials/header.tpl -->

    at the top of the template in ACP, but when I send the test e-mail the header is the default one, not the one I've changed, how can I customize the header and footer from the ACP? and not losing the content when I update the forum, should I create a custom file and add to that folder, or I am not using the correct template when I'm importing?

    Thank you!

  • Hey there, when you changed the header, did you run ./nodebb build tpl afterwards? The partials are imported during the build process.

  • Sorry for the very late reply @julian !
    yes I was rebuilding the templates, it was a misconception by my side, i thought that I could change on the ACP the header and footer and it will affect to the other templates, but i was importing the src template.

    Now i'll try to override the e-mail templates using my child theme, is it just create a e-mail folder inside my templates folder?
    i've seen that this has been asked before, but why can't you change the e-mail subject from the ACP? i had to modify it on the src template.

    Thank you very much!!

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