login redirect problem with 1.11.2

Technical Support
  • two different forums, both give me the same error.
    This one is mine.

    I am using the default skin in the user settings.

    The system is set to the Persona theme.

    The other forum is mangolassi.it (i'm testing their new domain)

    Again, the default skin is selected in my user. I'm not admin but I believe they are using the Persona theme also. @scottalanmiller would know for certain.

    It doens't seem to do it when using the original domain on mangolassi.it.

  • Ah ha! figured it out. But I still think there is a NodeBB issue. a redirect should never do this.

    On my forum, i never set config.json to https. it was http://obelisk.daerma.com I changed it to https://obelisk.daerma.com and it works.

    I doubt it is my Nginx proxy because that is about as basic as it gets.

    Even if I am in a thread and then click login, it happens.

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