Is it possible to post a topic on all categories?

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if it is possible to post a new topic on all forums (also pinning it) as an administrator? At the moment, I have to go to every one of our 21 categories and re-create the topic in each one of them.

    Any help would be much appreciated!


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    Only with plugins so far. Not even the 'clone' feature do that, it just copy selected posts to another topic but only in the same category.

    It would be an interesting idea, maybe I could develop a plugin to do that, as soon as I have more free time

  • @jtsimoes thanks for your response. I wish the feature was there but 🤷

    Well, I thought about using the write API to create a user interface for my admins on the main website that will simply use the API to create new topics. I will try to scan for a plugin that does that first, tho.

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    @kfirba It's a very simple feature, maybe it can really be added in the future!

    Yes, go ahead! I was thinking the same

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    @kfirba I'm starting with your idea! (
    But instead of the plugin publish in all categories with just one click, I want it to let the user choose in which categories the plugin should publish (but, of course, still being able to select all of them and publish in all categories, as in your initial idea)

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    Hey there,

    You can do this already in core, without an extra plugin, using the recent topics widget. Make a category or subcategory with just the topics you want pinned. Then place the widget into the category.tpl template and set the category in the settings. You can change the look of the topic list in the node_modules/nodebb-widget-essentials/public/templates

    If you want more customization, there are a few plugins that do this too.

  • @jtsimoes hey! How is it going? Saw that the repo is currently empty

  • @yariplus that’s not what our content department wants. They would like to post to all categories as each category has its own “community” 😕

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    @kfirba It's still under development, you can follow the progress if you watch the repo

  • I can kind of see why you want this, but fundamentally it goes against the concept of the categories. What kind of thing would you want to cross category lines?

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    I'm working on this but keep in mind two things:

    • Once you publish this "global" topic, you will not be able to edit it with just one click. You will have to individually go to all categories and edit manually... There may even be a workaround for this but it's too complex for me to develop alone and I'm not seeing a way to be able to edit the created topic in all categories at once.

    • And I still don't know if I can get the composer to work with the plugin, so I do not promise to get a writing through the NodeBB composer. If I can not, you will have to write the topic body manually (this implies that the user knows Markdown syntax).

    Even then, would you still like to see this plugin developed?

  • @jtsimoes For sure! Actually, we are using a custom composer based on CKEditor which I've developed

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