Solved Is there an info-alert box?

  • I'm working on CSS on my nodebb and i'm now working on the alert boxes that does sometimes come in the right-down corner. I have the following boxes found.

    This one is for alerts like if you want to post a topic and did not fill in a topic title.


    .alert-window .alert.alert-danger {
        background-color: #58494C;
        border-color: #58494C;
        color: #E84F64;

    This one is for alerts like when you successfully saved your settings.


    .alert-window .alert.alert-success {
        color: #52D273;
        background-color: #49564C;
        border-color: #49564C;

    This one is for alerts when NodeBB can't connect to internet.

    .alert-window .alert.alert-warning {
        background-color: #59554A;
        border-color: #59554A;
        color: #E5C453;

    And this one, I don't know how to get the 'info alert' box. Or is it not in use by NodeBB?

    .alert-window .alert.alert-info {
        background-color: #495458;
        border-color: #495458;
        color: #46BDDF;
  • Global Moderator Plugin & Theme Dev

    I'm not sure if it's used in core but here's how you'd trigger it:

      type: 'info',
      title: 'Something happened',
      message: 'Do some stuff',
      timeout: 3000,

  • @PitaJ Yes, thank you it works 🙂

    I found out that it is used for when you entering a topic where you enter it before if it ask if you want to continue reading where you was last time.

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