• I want to offer my forum's users the ability to type in their native language right within the post editor. I've been searching around, but there doesn't seem to be a plugin for transliteration on the user side, and the third party workarounds are way too hard to implement and maintain. Can we have a plugin for transliteration (I'm looking at Tamil)?

    Thanks so much.

  • Could anyone help with a response on feasibility/concerns regarding this, please?

  • I'm still not sure what you mean by transliteration. Could you give an example?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply. It's a function of letting users typing a non-English text without knowing the respective language's keyboard layout.

    For example, if I want to type "வணக்கம்" in Tamil, but I don't know the keyboard layout for any Tamil font, I could still achieve the result (with transliteration enabled) by typing "vanakkam" and pressing space bar or the Enter key.

    Google offers it for end-users, but there's no API to tap into. You could check how it works for any given language here: https://google.com/transliteration

  • There are third party services that would enable me to do this in my forum, by the way. This one, for example: https://gisttransserver.in/Help/help.pdf

    The above one or any other such services out there require me to include scripts in the places where the transliteration needs to be invoked.

    Unfortunately, the way NodeBB is made makes it very hard to identify where the text editor is triggered from and to figure out how to place the script as required by the third party services.

    So, we're essentially lost.

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