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    Thanks for the amazing forum platform.

    I am currently working on the Laravel website with forum as a part of the website, and I have chosen nodebb as forum platform. I am really new to SSO, and I don’t have much knowledge about node.js, and even mongo database. And I am not English, so if there is anything I am not really explaining well, please let me know.

    Firstly, I am not sure what I want to achieve is possible. Ideally, after Laravel website (localhost:8000) user login, then clicked the forum link (nodebb – localhost:4567), then nodebb could login the Laravel user without login confirmation. The situation sounds like, I have already login with google account, when I try to login community.nodebb.org, nodebb community won’t ask me the login confirmation to login. I am not sure whether it is able to achieve, because it means a website user try to login another website without providing any information, even a token.

    Secondly, in another case, it could be that a Laravel user login nodebb forum, and give auth to nodebb forum, then the user can login nodebb forum with Laravel user details. I have done a bit of research online, I think that I should expose my nodebb application to OAuth2orize (https://github.com/jaredhanson/oauth2orize). I have installed the OAuth2orize by running npm install oauth2orize, but after that I don’t know what else I should do, it said to create a OAuth server, but I have no idea where I should create this server, or where I could register grants, and do I need to do anything with Laravel site?

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    Did you even read what I said? I wasn't saying that WordPress is worse than NodeBB or anything like that. I said that it's nonsensical to expect to be able to move from forum software with categories, topics, posts, replies, chats, etc to a blog system which doesn't even have built-in comments AFAIK.

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    @baris Ok thanks, I will take a closer look.

    Could you show me a quick screenshot of what it looks like when the leaderboard succesfully loads? And where would I find the template file in the leaderboard plugin/greater nodeBB app for what should be loading the html for the leaderboard?

    Thank you!

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    BTW, why do I have a browser window? Is it because Iam using Android, or I am running nodebb 1.14?

    It's because you're running 1.14 actually. The actual scripts for installable PWA only appeared in 1.15.
    However, browsers are confusing so they also offer the option to "add to home screen" any website, but instead of actually considering its manifest for how it's supposed to run and using the service worker properly it will be just an icon to open that website in the browser.

    I would've recommended checking this website to see how it's supposed to work, but it seems to be broken in 1.16.2 unfortunately (mentioned in this issue - service worker was moved to its own directory so only paths starting with /assets/src/ are in its scope.)

    EDIT: while it was mentioned in the issue #9193, it wasn't the main focus. I commented on it on #9127, solution to which actually broke the service worker

  • Biggest NodeBB forums?

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    @julian said:

    I think http://forums.afraidtoask.com/ might actually be one of the largest (if not the largest)

    lol who the hell downvoted this?