Scrolling to bottom of category produces the ERROR: You do not have enough privileges for this action

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  • When the user scrolls to the bottom of a category they are a member of they get the error below:

    Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 7.38.14 PM.png

    The dev logging shows the following:

    verbose: [plugins/fireHook] {"meta":"filter:privileges.categories.get"}

    Inside the ACP > Privileges for this specific category I have a group assigned and members of this group has full access to all of the permissions for this associated category.

    Why is this message coming up?

    Any ideas?


  • This is when they scroll to the end of the list of topics?

  • @PitaJ Yes exactly!... I had to write a small tweak inside: nodebb/public/src/modules/alerts.js

        ( && ($('[component="topic/purge"]').length === 0) ? 
         null : 

    This does not fix the reason why users who are not admin or moderator are getting this error each time they hit the bottom of the topics on the categories page.

    This resolves my issue but still dont know why it would keep popping this error. When the user is admin it will not appear. But regardless, it should not keep firing this if the user is just a regular user and scrolling to the bottom of the group they are a member.

  • What are the privileges configured for this category? Take a screenshot of the ACP privileges configuration please.

    Try disabling all plugins and trying again.

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