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  • I have reviewed this older discussion:

    I have attempted to follow everything in the latest 1.11.1 , but I cannot make the language file override the existing file...

    Here is my basic setup

    Persona theme
    NodeBB 1.11.1
    My Plugin

    In my plugin.json I have added:

    "languages": "static/languages"

    In my plugin folder I have a folder:


    Inside this folder I have 1 folder only:


    Inside this folder I have 1 file only:


    This category.json was copied from the default nodebb base folder


    To test if my plugin is overriding the default category.json included in the base I have updated the category.json my plugin/static/languages/en-US/category.json with the following:

     "new_topic_button": "HELLO WORLD!",

    I have re-built all assets and restarted the entire nodebb service.

    I have refreshed my browser and still the new_topic_button continues to show the old "New Topic" text.

    I am expecting "HELLO WORLD!"

    What am I doing wrong? How can my plugin update the text inside these language files?

    Thank you!

  • Is the plugin activated? Have you run ./nodebb build and restarted? Are you sure you're using the en-US language when you check?

  • I am using grunt for development, but i have fully killed the grunt watcher and have manually started up the ./nodebb build and made sure to fully kill and start up nodebb so it rebuilds all assets.... Still Its not using the language file.

    Where can I check the default nodebb language setting that is currently in use?

  • I might have found the issue....

    I see that my nodebb is defaulted to en-GB

    Let me switch this! One moment....


    If anyone else sees this thread... Don't be the american who thinks the default should be en-US....

    It appears that the nodeBB default language was set for en-GB

    If you need to adjust the language default setting:

    Go to your NodeBB ACP (admin control panel) => General => Languages

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