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    Now I am try to build my forum with NodeBB, try to connect to Azure mongoDB
    when setup it's ok .. create NodeBB(DB with add ssl = true) into my Azure mongoDB.
    But in socket hand socketAdapter() it's can't connection(time out)

    then I add ssl= true like this in mongo.js

    mongoModule.socketAdapter = function () {
    	var mongoAdapter = require('');
    	return mongoAdapter(mongoModule.getConnectionString(),{ssl:true});

    It's ok connect successfully... But then give me another error:
    error: No more documents in tailed cursor {"name":"MongoError","tailable":true,"awaitData":true}

    Please help me....


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    You should be able to specify SSL without modifying the code by adding ?ssl=true to the end of the connection URI

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    yeah, I try just update url and add ?ssl=true... It give me some error:
    No more documents in tailed cursor {"name":"MongoError","tailable":true,"awaitData":true}
    I think this may caused by mongodb settings....

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    who did connect to Azure Cosmos DB ? help me on this..

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    @blueshu Were you able to fix this No more documents in tailed cursor {"name":"MongoError","tailable":true,"awaitData":true} error?

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