How to let the user delete all his posts including his account?

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    when a user deletes his account, his posts still are available.

    ...That can cause problems with the GDPR and especially when the user could theoretically post political and personal data which (especially in Germany) can cause trouble - it would be better if deleted an account, would also delete all his posts. How would that be possible?

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    For a user to delete all content, is not possible. They will need to contact an administrator and you can delete their account from either their account page or ACP -> Manage -> Users.

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    @julian Would it be possible to let a user delete his own account with the posts? Can't it just be just a small js function name change on the Delete account button?

    According the the GDPR and just usability wise, it would be better if the user could delete his posts.

    I'd appreciate it, if you or someone else sends a changed JS file if you got time - Thanks!

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