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    @goik You will need to have the plugin call await; when the account is created.

    But a different question -- do you need to have the account confirmed? By default privileges are set up so that both confirmed and unconfirmed accounts can post new topic/replies, etc., so there is no functional difference except that outgoing emails won't be sent to unconfirmed emails.

    If it's merely to "check a box", then maybe it is ok to just not confirm any emails.

    Might be the plugin needs updating to auto-confirm email addresses.

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    Short of using OAuth2, you could write your own app component to tie NodeBB into MySQL. One of the issues is that MySQL is a generic database so the format of your authentication easily won't match in some obvious way, so needs a customer connectors no matter what. Just adding another DB source for authentication would not solve your problem. It would have to be something that connects to your database and has the ability to understand your schema and has the ability to store all necessary additional schema changes there.

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    @baris I forgot to answer your question, with persona everything works fine

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    Thank you, I always liked Christmas tree styling 😉

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    This is fixed on master, thanks for reporting.