How to add a skin for NodeBB Persona

  • Is there a way to add a skin to the NodeBB Persona theme and make it selectable by the users. Like we already have the possibility for the users to choose the available Bootswatch skins?

  • Global Moderator

    What kind of skin? Like a dark mode?

  • @PitaJ A custom skin created by me or my community. I know there is the possibility to inject your own CSS. But it doesn't work out will all the skins. So I would love if I could just provide some additional skins by myself. And then let the users decide themselves if they want to use the default skin, one of the Bootswatch skin or the ones created for my forum specifically.

  • I'd like to do the same. For instance, some folks don't like round avatars, so I would override the CSS for that. Other folks want zero color, so I'd make a monochrome skin.

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