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  • Hi everyone,

    I was going to run nodebb on openshift, but there is a problem which i don't understand what is causing that.

    There is nor problem in "npm install" and then nodebb setup and nodebb starts but in the log i see that everytime the procedure reaches to "NodeBB attempting to listen on:" it just seems to get back to the beginning saying " NodeBB v0.4.1 Copyright (C) 2013 DesignCreatePlay Inc." and again the procedure goes on until it reaches the listen part and it loops for ever.

    For those who may want to try nodebb on openshift , the default nodejs is v0.10.5 use this git when installing nodejs "/ramr/nodejs-custom-version-openshift" so you will have v0.10.25 which comes with right npm version for nodebb. also for installing redis use this cartridge : "/smarterclayton/openshift-redis-cart"

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    What error is there, when it restarts?

  • I was talking to one of the openshift staff on IRC and he gave me some ideas, the ip is forbidden in openshift, instead we should place the nodejs IP. i'm working on it and will post here later.

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    If you figure it out, would be nice if you can add a tutorial here please 🙂

    I actually spent a little bit of time trying to install on openshift but gave up 😛

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    I've not tried (neither set up any non-local NodeBB instance), but doesn't the come from "bind_address": "", within config.json which can also be set within setup-steps?
    But I have no clue what nodejs IP should be o_O

  • I have successfully brought up NodeBB on openshift 💃

    I will write a tutorial soon but for those who are in hurry you need to specify port as 8080 and ip address as nodejs ip address (env.OPENSHIFT_NODEJS_IP).

  • Admin

    awesome, congrats 👏

  • Here is the link if anyone is interested in testing the performance (which is not very good but it is free) :

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    Looks like websockets aren't working 👎 takes ages for the page to transition

  • @psychobunny websockets are working but openshift performance is something beyond imagination, working with ssh takes years ! the "npm install" command took around 45 minutes to complete while on a normal 512MB 1core vps it is just around a minute.

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    websockets are working

    I'm actually getting this in the console:

    WebSocket connection to 'ws://' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 502 

    So I think the page transition takes a little bit longer because attempts to connect via sockets, fails, retries a few times, and then reverts to XHR polling

  • It is ugly openshift 😆 try this : websockets only work on 8000 port for openshift

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    Nice, at least it works fast now. Well its free, so pretty decent for development I would imagine

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