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  • I am familiar with JS and Node, but every environment has its unique "customization". I am trying to develop an open source Seafile Plugin to NodeBB and would like to know what is commonly used.

    My issue with Webstorm is you cannot own the IDE, you rent it and since I am starting I do not qualify since the open source project has not graduated beyond three months.

    Really, I am seeking a system/structure that integrates the debugger with the IDE. I use Sublime for most things, I have been using PyCharm for "python" things, but any guidance would be of great assistance before I commit to a dev/build structure that is not easily understood by the NodeBB community.

    One of my key requirements is that when the GIT pull comes down, the dependencies and code are imported and validated well, utilizing NetBeans was that it highlighted several errors when building the project. I do not know if they are false positives or really items to be addressed.

    A "Dev" stack, e.g. the IDE, or Editor plus min. plugins to ensure that debugging is "..along the same line..." and that there are no false positives with error reporting would be soooooo....... much help.

    As for the Seafile Plugin, they have a Node already, and a very good web API, plus much more. Truly I would like to have the privileges for the users registered with NodeBB, with delegation to access handled by NodeBB, and Seafile to simply be a "service".

    The last part I can handle, but Seafile is really Python and CCNET, (that is really a good piece of kit) but the Dev of Seafile has really worked very hard to make Seafile easy to integrate and extendable.

    I am doing the Dev on a Mint System, 19.3, I would like to use open-source IDE and Debugger and I wish the dev environment would alert me to missing dependencies and would not give me false negatives; as I have experienced with NetBeans so far.

    Anything would help.


  • Most of us devs use Visual Studio Code, which is a free open source editor. It's great for JS projects. It has git integration. It has a wide variety of plugins.

    I'm a big fan of it.

  • @PitaJ

    Thanks, I will look into it.
    I tended to avoid VS except when developing MS Office apps, but I will check it out.



  • @gerald-in-korea VS Code is more like Atom or Sublime than Visual Studio.

  • @PitaJ said in Development Environment... for NodeBB:

    @gerald-in-korea VS Code is more like Atom or Sublime than Visual Studio.


    VS Code != VS

  • @gerald-in-korea You can actually own Webstorm. There is a perpetual fallback license:

    But like the others said, Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio 20xx are not the same at all. I'm actually using Visual Studio Code as my general text editor in Linux. Would never do that with any of the Visual Studio 20xx 😉

    And yes, Microsoft is horrible at naming their products.

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