Cannot find module './meta', please update your plugin!

  • Hi Devs,

    Just updated nodebb, and plugins started failing, for example:

    Warn: [plugins/require] Cannot find module './meta', please update your plugin! at Object.<anonymous> (nodebb/node_modules/nodebb-plugin-composer-redactor/library.js:7:23)

    Looks like module.parent.require is failing across. I know how to fix this if I clone the plugin, but if this can be fixed otherwise it would make things much easier.

    Any idea what I have done wrong? my setup did not change, I just did git pull.

    Thank you!

  • NodeBB

    They shouldn't be failing those are just warnings. Is the composer not working?

  • Thank you @Baris, composer is still working.
    This is puzzling, the composer can't find modules so how is it able to operate?

  • NodeBB

    Maybe the warning message is a bit misleading, when it can't find it at ./meta it tries it at ../meta and finds it.

  • Thank you @baris !

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