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  • Best post voting plugin

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    Basically, an upvote kind of thing could work but it might not be obvious to users.
    I need something that will be obvious to users, that they are upvoting a certain comment.
    Much better if the first post is the vote and they can comment all they want below that but vote on the first post.

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    Hi All,
    I'm a newbie in nodebb. I'm not understand the layout logic nodebb in nodebb.
    Actually I have a two feature need to change the template.

    I would like to update active user widget: I need to add username under the avator box. I would like to update the perrmission from nodebb-plugin-calendar: only admin can see the event response.

    I found the template in the plugins folder and change the template tpl code. And also re-build the nodebb. However the layout a still not updated. May I know what is the correct method to make a small changes in nodebb and how to update the template layout ?

    Thanks so much.

    Nodebb version : 1.17.0

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    As @a_5mith says, You'll need to contact the author to have them update it.

  • Codebender plugin

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    Yep, it's a strange feeling.

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    @julian Scrollbar! 🙂 You can't drag it. Turns into a weird image type drag. You can click, and it scrolls, but not drag.