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    Was this removed a while back where it showed a snippet of the topic? I believe it was like 120 char max or something like that?

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    Yeah it's been removed, the teaser object looks like this now:

        "teaser": {
            "pid": "9392",
            "username": "julian",
            "userslug": "julian",
            "picture": "https: //secure.gravatar.com/avatar/e1565907855fffe8433c31671a49f177?size=128&default=identicon&rating=pg",
            "timestamp": "2014-04-22T14: 19: 01.715Z"
        "user": {
            "username": "mnv2k2",
            "userslug": "mnv2k2",
            "picture": "https: //secure.gravatar.com/avatar/2bf741f9373ecafcf96295343a9fbade?size=128&default=identicon&rating=pg"
        "index": 0

    I'm assuming it was removed because it slowed down page loading, I think the ideal way is to grab the topic TID and then make a new call to load the teaser (this isn't exposed to the API just yet, check here for progress)

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    @psychobunny Yeah I did remember this but I forgot when it was removed or whether it was removed completely or not. Any how, thanks for creating an issue for it. 🙂

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