Register theme from local folder instead of npm

  • I'm starting to make friends with nodebb. I like Persona template but I also want to use it with material design buttons. Since I need some less and js for that, downloaded quickstart to make a child theme.

    How can I load the blank template from a local folder instead of publishing it to npm repository? Followed the solution from this topic but at the second part I get this error
    Link target resolves to the same directory as link source: /home/admin/web/mysite/public_html/node_modules/nodebb-theme-bee

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    To link a theme, you'll want to go to the directory of your theme, type npm link, and then go to the NodeBB root folder, and then type npm link nodebb-theme-bee

  • @julian Tried that. On the first part I get a warning of missing repository field. And on the second part I get the error above. ☹

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    Then it sounds like your theme directory is inside node_modules/ of your NodeBB? Go there, run npm unlink, and the move that folder somewhere else outside of the NodeBB directory.

    Then you should be able to link

  • @julian That was the problem. Working now. Thank you.

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