Installing a plugin without publishing it in the npm registry

  • I have a plugin source code which is residing locally on my machine. How can I install and activate it without publishing the code in the global registry?

  • I think all I need to do is to simply copy the plugin folder in the node_modules directory. But now the question arises .. what if I need to modify its code often, do I need to uninstall and re-activate the plugin again and again.

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    In your plugin directory (I'll use nodebb-plugin-example as an example here), you need to run npm link:

    ~/nodebb-plugin-example > npm link

    In your nodebb directory, you then run npm link [plugin package name]

    ~/nodebb > npm link nodebb-plugin-example

    You can then activate it via CLI, or restart NodeBB and activate it in the ACP

    ~/nodebb > ./nodebb activate example

  • Thanks it worked

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