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    I'm trying to get bi-directional integration working for nodebb running in an iFrame. One of the last pieces left is ensuring that the post index is captured in the browser session stack. I can get the navigation events captured by listening for 'action:ajaxify.end' and using that to postMessage back to the parent so it can then be used for a pushState. I would also like to capture the post index changes as a user scrolls through the posts so it can be reflected in the parent url. Is there an event I can attach to, so these index changes can be captured?

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    Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'C:\Users\User\Downloads\1.7.x\NodeBB\build\public\templates\admin\plugins\write-api.tpl'

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    Hi! I'm searching for a Wiki Plugin/Widget for Nodebb.

    I'd like to have a Widget/Plugin with which I can see a list of "tools" and if I click one tool, there should be information fields, images and richtext for this specific item.

    Just like:

    Tool XYZ

    Imageslider: [Image] [Image]

    Name Category Year


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    Is there already something like that?

    Or do you have an idea how to do it?

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    Finaly managed to fix 502, needed to use node v4 instead of v6.

    Still having an issue with this plugin when i try to login :

    Registration Error int-steam-unexpected-error
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    @julian No error, I added some logging in to test when things fired, so can confirm that it does, and it refreshes any non playing videos already in the topic as expected (when you click play it remove the class that the script looks for to stop playing videos reloading), but the new one isn't loaded. Unless they're both happening at exactly the same time. I may have a play with the delay timer, to see how far down I can go until it stops loading.

    Currently set to 500ms.