Google Analytics, after activation and set up, is not displaying in HTML

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  • Greetings,

    Second attempt at installing NodeBB, and many more frustrations continue. Takes forever to activate plugins, and they frequently do not work properly.

    I am a senior web dev of 18+ years (PHP/MySQL) so I am not a newbie, but this is absolutely maddening.

    Latest one - Google Analytics. I have installed the plugin, activated, added our tracking code. Restarted and rebooted NodeBB several times. Yet, the tracking code never appears anywhere in our HTML for the forum.

    What is missing or lacking, and what needs to be done? I've had to add the code manually for now to gain approval for the far more complicated Google SSO, but the point of a plugin is to insert this instantly, no?

    Thanks for the help in advance.


  • Hello @Sea-Ansley -- I see there are several misconceptions here, so let me attempt to clear them up:

    1. It sounds like you're trying to pass Google Site Verification. The GA plugin does not handle this. When I wrote this plugin, site verification via GA wasn't even a thing, and doing so is a little more complicated because:
    2. The tracking code is added asynchronously via the frontend. Therefore you will not see the tracking code when you "view-source", but it will be working.

    If you need to have the tracking code load with the initial site HTML, I would disable the GA plugin and paste your GA tracking code into the "footer" widget area, as an HTML element. That would satisfy both issues and allow your site to be verified.

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