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  • Im trying to figure out how i can write a node.js server, BUT a server that is stable even when a high amount of users trying to connect. I want to write a server that can handle a big amount of users at the same time. The only thing i dont understand is how to handle multiple request at the same time. as far as i know node.js has multy threading but its limitted. Is there any other way i dont know about? Im new to node.js and trying to figure out. It would be great if i could atleast understand how it works so i can reasearch more spesific. The best would be if i can handle thousends of users in a short period of time.

    can someone give me some advice? I would highly appreciate.
    Excuse my english im still learning.

    Hope to get some help,

  • This forum is not a forum meant for general node discussion, but a form for the forum software "NodeBB".

    I suggest you try stack overflow or Reddit instead.

    Regardless, node.js uses asynchronous IO. This means that in a single thread it can handle many requests at once.

  • @PitaJ oh im so sorry. i thought this is also a node forum. Excuse me, but thanks for the help.

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