NodeBB installation on a web host using cPanel

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    @baris I can not change other things either...
    Can you give a working example?

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    @sinisterspatula Probably, yes.

    The thing is, we don't interface with MongoDB directly. We use an abstraction layer, and so if your database of choice supports all of the commands we throw at it (you can see the abstraction layer methods in src/database/*), then NodeBB can theoretically support it.

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    @Adam-Poniatowski Welcome 🙂

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    I was having some issues with NPM a few days ago which was timing out, but was a issue with ports due to my firewall setup. So check to make sure git port is not being blocked.

    Also could be an issue with the way your cloning. Was having issues cloning from another git like gitlab vs github, turns out the git:// git:link was the issue try adding that to the front if using SSH cloning.

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    @meetdilip said:


    A few doubts,

    Copy files from folder to which we have installed ?

    The github repo, so you'd have a folder called nodebb with all of the nodebb files in, then a folder called nodebb2, which also contains all the nodebb files.

    Share the command to change port no. please..

    ./nodebb setup, but change :4567 to something else.

    How to assign new folder / installation to database 2 ?

    You answered this in your next post, change the 0 in database to 1.

    Should we run ./nodebb setup after copying the files ( installed ? ) to a new folder ?

    You will need to yes in order to set it up, you'll also need to run npm install to get the dependencies installed in that location.