Unsolved News Feed / Quora style feed for Nodebb

  • Is there any plugin which shows NodeBB posts in an infinte scroll? Like FB news feed?

    Reason I ask is, many people these days are used to the infinite scroll experiences. FB, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora etc. Where as the community forums haven't really evolved from that inceptive experience of message boards of folder like structure, which kickstarted the internet communication. Anyone else feel the same way? Happy to discuss further and get people's opinions on this.

    Disclosure: I run an investing forum for the P2P company I work for, based in singapore. https://crowdfundtalks.com/

  • @Vamsi-Krishna doesn't the recent page essentially do this?

  • @PitaJ Recent page shows the reverse chronological order of thread titles and the first post beside it. It doesn't let you comment / post directly on the recent page itself, doesn't expand the posts section if the user wishes to do so etc.

    So the experience is, every post you wanna read and comment on, you have to open it in a new tab, and then go back to recent page and start from the post you were last looking at. It breaks the infinite scroll experience.

  • So what would this page you're proposing look like? How would it work?

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