• Re: [nodebb-plugin-rss] RSS Feed plugin

    Getting this on the 2 new feeds I just added:

    2018-08-08T01:52:06.375Z [1950] - info: [plugin-rss] posting, https://threatpost.com/category/vulnerabilities/feed - title: Podcast: Breaking Down the COSCO Ransomware Attack, published date: 2018-08-02T15:44:34Z
    2018-08-08T01:52:06.437Z [1950] - error:  message=[[error:too-many-tags, 5]], stack=Error: [[error:too-many-tags, 5]]
  • NodeBB

    In your ACP at /admin/settings/tags increase the maximum tag count, it seems that feed item has more than 5 tags.

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