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  • After having just installed NodeBB we appear to be unable to upload profile pictures - clicking "Upload New Picture" or "Upload New Picture From URL" fails to open a window.

    No errors appear to be printed on either the server side nor the client side.

    Having quickly looked around to see if anyone else was experiencing similar issues it appears to be isolated to us. The only thing I can think of is the fact that our stack is a little odd.

    We are running the site within a Docker container then using an haproxy to resolve the domain to the correct container.

    Any ideas?

    On another note, we appear to receive the following error whenever the server attempts to send mail.

    I would assume we are missing a few node packages or something similar?

  • What git hash are you on?

  • We are making use of the latest Docker image located here
    I'm unsure of the specific version it uses

    Edit: Your response made me realize that if you build your images with every push to your repo that could be the problem - that and the fact the latest push was only 3 hours ago.

    I changed the docker image to nodebb/docker:latest-v1.10.x and that fixed it. Honestly, this is something I should have spotted myself without having to be prompted. Thanks @baris

  • Hey @WolfiiDev -- thanks for posting. We actually noticed this internally yesterday, but if only we'd known you figured this out yesterday as well, that would've helped.

    That said, the latest version of NodeBB should resolve this.

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