10 million pageviews last 30 days but only 20.000 posts

  • I don't think my stats are good monitored. I get over 10.000.000 pageviews. I run a facebook page with 600 members and that is the only way I advertise. We have a few forumgames and there we have each month like 10.000 posts. The other posts are discussion and stuff like that.

    Is there some mistake in the monitoring of our NodeBB?

    Because we had this problem we had to restore a back-up that's why 22 june is zero data.

    If we check it from the start it looks like this


    Are this normal NodeBB stats or is there an error? Because 10 million paegviews and only 20.000 posts in 30 days it's nog realistic. 500.000 pageviews and 20.000 posts is a lot more realistic. Isn't it?

  • @mj had same statistic sometime, but it was ddos - attack on my forum.

  • @dread is this a DDOS?

  • Maybe the stats include bot traffic (search spiders) visiting pages for updates, unless they are filtered. You could compare for example with Google Analytics results.

  • NodeBB Admin

    The pageviews on the ACP dashboard includes everyone including bots/spiders.

  • Install Google Analytics and check there. I'm seeing the same thing, most of that extra traffic is search engines/bots. Google Analytics ignores them and gets you only meat user data.

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