Solved Menu in Navbar don't know how to remove it

  • Hello.

    I have some weird menu in the navbar after installed the plugin OpenFantasty.


    Things I've done

    • Deactivated and uninstalled the plugin OpenFantasty.
    • ./nodebb stop & ./nodebb build
    • Reset all plugins ./nodebb reset -p

    My navigation menu is clean


    Does anybody know how to get rid of this strange menu?

    If you want to see it live click here

  • GNU/Linux

    Hey, try this:

    1. npm uninstall openfantasty or npm uninstall nodebb-plugin-openfantasty
    2. ./nodebb stop & ./nodebb start
    3. Rebuild&Restart

  • @Atayz I did that but sadly not fixed.

    Had to restore a back-up from 2 days ago. Now it's gone but I miss data from 43 hours sadly 😞 (my fault i know)

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