Upgrade to 1.10 ip hash taking a long time.

  • Am currently updating to 1.10 (from 1.9.x) and it's taking a very long time with

    4. Updating NodeBB data store schema...
    Parsing upgrade scripts... 
    OK | 4 script(s) found, 53 skipped
      → [2017/6/22] Hash all IP addresses stored in Recent IPs zset...

    (Mongodb 3.4.15)

    I assume it's going through a very large number of ips - as cpu usage is high and it's still processing. It's taken over 30 mins so far. Is there any way of checking on progress manually via mongodb cli ? Also how can I see the size of the data set ? I wonder if the list of ips stored is larger than it should be due to the time taken.

  • It's still processing - I'm inclined to stop it and restore the db backup until I have verification on this. Certainly if it is something that should take this long, it would be useful if it had some sort of progress bar.

  • the hashing finally completed. I am still interested to know how much data may be stored here, as it took 2 hours to complete. Not sure that much "recent" ip data is needed.

  • NodeBB Admin

    I think @julian added a progress bar to it maybe it is not backported to 1.10.x. The sorted set is named ip:recent but it has all the ips that has visited your site so it could take a while to complete.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Mmhm, because we noticed it taking a long time we added progress bar support, so you can see that it's doing something 😄

    We store the IP addresses going back to the installation of the forum, so it's possible that it's no longer needed. One could simply delete the entire ip:recent set with no ill effects... (well, except that you'd no longer have a historical record of recent IP addresses)

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