Can unregistered users can create topics?

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    For a quick & dirty solution, I would create HTML widget and insert into Global header.

    In Appearance -> Custom Javascript, I would add the magic here.
    You can upload the images into Public folder and then create an array in the javascript.

    You can grab the title via the <meta name="title" content="Cat title"> tag and match it up with the images array. This is very manual so every time you change the category name you'll have to change in the javascript code as well. I take it though category name won't change that much when Live.

    I have not tried this yet as It's just in theory.

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    Is it possible to set user reputation via the write API?

    Alternatively, it is possible to bypass posting restrictions when posting via the write API?

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    The same occurs for myself as well. I'm running the latest version on the GitHub. I've disabled all the plugins and it still occurs. However, on this forum, it seems to work fine.. interesting.

    My console reads this:
    WebSocket connection to 'wss://community.*.net/' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 400

    Thanks for the support guys. ❤

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    I know that @scottalanmiller is running a relatively high traffic forum on nodebb.

    A lot depends on various factors like if you're running a CDN, what plugins you're running, and any other processes running on the node.

    On my setup, I was running a cluster of three, with a gocamo server, along with redis (for session storage) and mongo, along with (at the time) mysql.

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    @julian I've got to say--the documentation for NodeBB is why I chose it over Discourse. There are still some docs lacking (and I know since the platform has not reached a full "1.0" version we should not expect full docs)...but the fact that you guys have put work into writing some documentation is great.

    Thanks so much!