Chat button in composer has nothing to do with chat

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  • Hello all, still checking nodebb out.

    In the composer there is a weird red and white "chat" button in the bottom right (speech bubble with three dots in it). This actually just sends back to the thread. Is that a bug, or is it normal and the icon completely fails to convey the meaning of the button? Can the icon be changed in the theme or the setting of nodeBB if I get a custom install?

  • I believe what you're referring to is meant to toggle the composer.

  • Ok, so it is "working as expected" from the developper's point of view, and "bug" from the user's because of the unrelated icon.
    Is it possible to use an explicit text instead of a cryptic icon for the button without having to change nodeBB's code?
    I was thinking of "SHOW THREAD" in the composer, and "SHOW REPLY" in the thread once the composer is hidden?

  • Yeah I agree, I think the chat icon is definitely wrong. I think we should have a minimize button on the composer itself, and have the button only show up when the composer is minimized.

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    Put this in your Custom Javascript in the ACP:

    $(() => app.require('hooks').then((hooks) => { hooks.on('action:composer.enhanced', ({ postContainer }) => { postContainer.find('textarea.write').on('keydown', function (e) { if (e.key == 'Tab') { e.preventDefault(); var start = this.selectionStart; var end = this.selectionEnd; // set textarea value to: text before caret + tab + text after caret this.value = this.value.substring(0, start) + "\t" + this.value.substring(end); // put caret at right position again this.selectionStart = this.selectionEnd = start + 1; } }); }); }));
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    I wish there was an option in the ACP where you can enable/disable buttons in the formatting bar and/or change the order. Because the list, image and fullscreen buttons are less important that the upload button. And on mobile it's very hard for users to find (we have 90% mobile users and they complain about this).