need help with hosting NodeBB

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    @jaspernl hi there,

    We do use vultr for hosting. However, speeds are 10GBPS and you can test the connection speed yourself within the control panel.

    Resources are dedicated to each user and not oversold. This hosting is apart of our main brand, Milkk Media Group. We can insure no lag will be found. If you have any loading issues, please let us know, and we will get to work on deploying your own custom server in your location region.

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    I would like to think NodeBB as just any other forum system. Where you have database , files and an environment. Given that in place, it should work 🙂

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    @pichalite said in Nodebblist - The list for NodeBB:

    @teh_g that's what NodeBB does right now... when you go to ACP -> Extend -> Plugins -> Download/Find Plugins

    Yeah, I was saying for this site i might be cool to have as well. The NodeBB list page is much better organized for discovery.

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    I know that @scottalanmiller is running a relatively high traffic forum on nodebb.

    A lot depends on various factors like if you're running a CDN, what plugins you're running, and any other processes running on the node.

    On my setup, I was running a cluster of three, with a gocamo server, along with redis (for session storage) and mongo, along with (at the time) mysql.

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    Hi there. Im usualy not very active on forums or other things similar to forums. But just to make an example of a good business model for devs:

    From a marketing experts point of view:

    Make a plugin/theme everyone likes (Advertising) Make the plugin/theme free (Advertising) Tell them you can make plugins/themes for money (Advertising) Take jobs, make money (Income)

    As for a marketplace:

    make everything what is in the marketplace free pictures and descriptions of every plugin/theme Links to devs/contacts where you can order a personalized theme/plugin